About me

Who is Albert Zurita?

I was born some years ago in Barcelona, a city of Sun, sea, lovely food and nice people. You could certainly live there for your whole life and you would still discover more of its hidden gems. However, I believe that enjoying life means as well getting to know what other people in different places are doing. After I finished Telecom Engineering I moved to the Netherlands to study and work there for some time. Somehow my Space experience started there, and during the time I spent at the European Space Agency I learnt to love Space and discovered all the benefits that it may provide to us to improve our life here at Earth. Now I live in Madrid, although I take every opportunity to travel both to learn and to enjoy. Over the last seven years I have been involved in Earth Observation, from atmospheric to land remote sensing. Currently my job is focused on Synthetic Aperture Radar and Microwave Radiometry. It’s the kind of job in which you are involved both in the instruments architecture point of view, and the applications of remote sensing. I consider myself a very dynamic and enthusiastic professional seeking to explore the new opportunities that space-based observations provide to improve our security, lifestyle, and the climate change impact. I have a problem-solving mindset, working in international and multidisciplinary teams with success, and looking forward to discovering challenging and innovative projects in Earth Observation…there is plenty of Space to explore!