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PAZ, the third musketeer

Flying in a kind of short zero-G trip, last week the PAZ satellite was set back to sleep inside its sarcophagus. Conveniently packed and looking gorgeous, it will now take a roadtrip to IABG facilities in Germany for satellite environmental test campaign. Next stop after that will be Baikonur, a Russian launch-site in the north of Kazakhstan, from where it will launch later next year onboard a Dnepr rocket. Read more →

The saga continues: Landsat 8 becomes operational

Enlarging the list of successful Landsat satellites saga (save for Landsat 6), the already operational Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite (LDCM) becomes now Landsat 8. It was at the beginning of this year that Landsat 5, which set a Guiness World Record for the longest running Earth Observation satellite (launched 1984), took its last picture of the Earth. Read more →